Mesh wig cap



 Made from mesh, breathable and ultra-stretch materials, you’ll have comfortable all-day wear. From professional brands like Kerrie Capelli, you know you’ll be getting the greatest quality.

Wig caps are a great way to protect the natural hair or scalp from irritation and keep wigs from slipping and sliding around. Pair with your favorite wig clips or wig glueto ensure the most secure fit.

Keep everything in place for a perfect wig hair style!



Always secure your hair extensions before sleeping by putting your hair into a loose ponytail or plait.

Always use shampoo and conditioner recommended by your hair technician.

Using our Kerrie Capelli flat brush, brush gently through your hair. Avoid fast brushing movements as this can pull at your hair extensions.

Avoid chlorine at all times.

Avoid seawater and pool water.

Ensure all shampoo and conditioner is thoroughly rinsed out of your hair, this will avoid any product build-up.

Attend regular maintenance appointments with your technician.

Wash your new hair only 3 times per week.

And lastly, enjoy your new hair.